If you are in business as an entrepreneur…

… a small-to-medium business owner…

… or seriously getting ready to launch your first start-up…

… you’ve come to the right place.


Because here at Marketing Rebel, we’ve been helping online and offline marketers create explosive growth for a long time now.

This includes fixing broken sales funnels…

… boosting conversions to insane levels…

… building monster-sized lists…

… solving basic business fundamentals…

… and generally creating such a positive buzz in your market that gaining “Top Dog” position over your competition is definitely on the menu. (And it feels so good to murder your competition and dominate your market.)

My name is Stan Dahl. I spent decades as a highly-paid corporate consultant (with the likes of Wells Fargo, Exxon, Starbucks, and even NATO) before helping John Carlton create Marketing Rebel — a one-of-a-kind operation specifically for helping entrepreneurs and small biz owners.

Carlton’s taking a back seat these days… but Marketing Rebel rolls on, kicking ass and taking names.

We offer hands-on help, personalized consulting and coaching…

… as well as unlimited access to the kind of resources and learning opportunities that can change your life and your career quickly and dramatically.

We’re damn good at teaching people how to figure out what their market craves… and then selling massive quantities of it to buyers we’ve worked into a frenzy.

We know how to help almost anyone get their own business model cooking on high heat.

And we are globally famous for breaking down the mysteries of selling and building up huge lists…

… and making it easy, simple, fast (and even fun) for anyone with an honest hunger to succeed… to get busy making it happen.

There’s only one thing to think about…

Do you want to find someone to do it for you… or do you want to learn how to do it yourself?

We offer both.

Back in the day, I succeeded with the one-man-band, do-it-yourself model. And I’ve both worked with a large staff, within corporations and growing mid-sized entrepreneurial adventures.

I understand outsourcing, working with joint venture partners, and assembling affiliate armies.

I’m an insider with the biggest online marketers now operating, and I’m privy to nearly every new or cutting-edge strategy, tool, or model that enters the business world.

I’m a solid business owner, steeped in the ways of making entrepreneurial projects surge past sticking points and actually succeed.

Here at Marketing Rebel, we were one of the first to use social media for marketing, and we continue to be early adopters of marketing breakthroughs like launches, membership sites, high-end coaching, pay-per-click advertising, and search-engine-optimization.

Plus, we know more about data maintenance (and maximizing business use of email, social media, video marketing, and live events) than almost any other “guru” or self-anointed expert alive.

Our reputations are respected globally.

In short… if you need help, or resources, or just some advice on how to break through whatever’s holding you back from the success you crave…

… we have the mojo to make it happen.

Much of what we offer is free (because we aren’t shy about ladling out the good stuff to help someone who may only need a small shove to get moving in the right direction).

And remember — we have primo resources to guide you as you do any of this yourself…

… and we have direct access to the professionals and proven experts who can do it FOR you, if that’s what you want.


But first let me get one thing straight: You are NEVER under any obligation to buy, or do anything, while you’re browsing this site.

You may not know what kind of help you need right now… and that’s why we’re showing you so many exciting options.

So click away, and check out anything that catches your eye.

Copywriting / Salesmanship / Closing The Deal

Let Us Teach You How It’s Done:


The Simple Writing System

If you do not yet clearly understand how to sell what you offer to someone…

… you will forever struggle, and likely remain a permanent member in the horde of

floundering, worried, bankrupt, and lost wanna-be business owners clogging the bottom rungs of the food chain out there.

Unless you know how to make the sale every time… every techno-gadget or piece of software or “tactic of the moment” you use will be worthless in your hands.

People don’t line up like sheep with their wallets out because of something flashing on their screen.

They buy from you when you’ve earned their trust… and given them reasons to ACT.

The foundation of the Simple Writing System is the same 17-point checklist John Carlton used his entire career to write fortune-making sales messages, over and over again.

Click to find out more about The Simple Writing System.

Kick-Ass Copywriting Secrets of a Marketing Rebel

When John Carlton decided to start teaching others what he’d learned during his 25 years as one of the most sought-after freelance copywriters and marketing consultants around… he created a manual that laid everything out in the simplest and most useful way.

And he called it: “Kick-Ass Copywriting Secrets of a Marketing Rebel”.

This is the same step-by-step guidebook that is on the bookshelves of top marketers all over the world. You cannot get this course at any bookstore, or on Amazon, or anywhere else other than right here.

And don’t let the word “copywriting” scare you. (Many rookies instantly go into brain-lock-down when they hear it, because they’ve convinced themselves that writing is “hard”. Nonsense.)

This amazing course is so legendary because it truly is a huge “shortcut roadmap” on how to go from clueless… to clued-in… in the fastest time humanly possible.

It’s not about the words you write… it’s about the sales message you put into your prospect’s head.

And this course is exactly like finding a detailed map that leads you quickly past the Marketing Graveyard (where most clueless businesses end up)… straight to the Promised Land of Big Bucks and Massive Success.

Find out more here.

Freelance Copywriter Course

The business world is STARVED for competent ad writers. And will pay shocking amounts of moolah to any writer who has the chops to make ad copy work.

It doesn’t matter what happens to the economy, either. Recession, boom times, war, disaster… doesn’t matter.

The world craves information and products to consume…

… and copywriters are the ones who make capitalism spin in greased grooves.

As a good freelance copywriter, you are the engine of wealth for any client you care to work with.

And, when you get good and know how to find and manage clients…

… the revenue streams fattening your bank account can be simply staggering.

You’re a fool if you think you can easily figure the “game” of freelancing out for yourself. It’s actually a very mysterious “dance” between you, the client, and the market.

Mastering the moves to this “dance” is actually simple, once you are shown what to do.

To outsiders, it’s like a secret, nearly-unsolvable puzzle.

But this puzzle is solved, step-by-step, in The Freelance Copywriter Course.

Click here to find out more & grab your copy.

Hire Us To Do It For You:


The Marketing Rebel Stable of Writers and Marketing Consultants

If you need a professional, proven freelance copywriter to help you with an ad, website, marketing campaign or project…

… then I have something here that should send shivers of joy through your profit-loving heart.

When you work with a high level pro out of our Stable, suddenly all the mystery and confusion involved in creating a massively profitable and smooth running sales campaign dissolves… and you’re on your way to getting the results you deserve.

And that’s exactly the kind of pro we have in the Marketing Rebel Stable. Only the top-notch writers find their way into the Stable (after a rigorous selection process).

If this sounds like exactly what you need… then you’ll want to open up a ticket at www.MarketingRebelSupport.com and let us know exactly what you need, your approximate delivery dates, and your approximate budget.

Work With Us:


Marketing Rebel Coaching & Mentoring

Want an ongoing relationship with one of the Simple Writing System teachers?

They can review your sales materials…

… provide brutal — but deadly accurate — critiques…

… and feed you tips on fine tuning your marketing (and boosting sales).

You will have full access to every resource Marketing Rebel uses or knows about… including introductions to other marketers and experts, when appropriate.

Check it out here.

Marketing & Business Growth:

The Membership Site:


The Marketing Rebel Insider’s Club

Want to step inside the private, little-shared (and extremely lucrative) world of Marketing Rebel?

Then joining the Marketing Rebel Insider’s Club is a huge opportunity for you.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  1. Hours and hours of some of the best Operation Money-Suck strategies and techniques John has ever shared… including video from events folks paid up to $5,000 (per event) to attend. (Plus audios, bonus videos, swipe files, and other training products that – before today – would have cost you more than $2,500 to get your hands on!)
  2. A monthly teleseminar where I will answer ANY burning question you’ve got. I’ve a proven track record of business success, and I’ve helped hoards of biz owners and entrepreneurs follow in our footsteps. (I charge up to $2,500 per hour for private coaching and consulting like this. But as a member of the Insiders Club it’s all included.)
  3. Members-only access to an exclusive forum where you can connect with smart, like-minded entrepreneurs and biz owners who want to share ideas, create alliances, and help each other solve biz problems. (Think of it like a “virtual mastermind” group.)
  4. A monthly webinar where one of the Simple Writing System teachers will rip into your real-world websites, sales letters, email campaigns, yellow page ads, etc. – as many as they can get through in an hour. (Folks pay us as much as $2,500 per hour for professional copy reviews like these. But as a member of the Marketing Rebel Insider’s Club, it’s included as a benefit of your membership.)
  5. In “Behind the Scenes of Marketing Rebel” I’ll reveal the tools and techniques I use and show you exactly why I use them. I’ll walk you through, step-by-step, how to implement every kind of software to grow your internet business…the kind of tools that will help you increase traffic and sky-rocket conversions.

To find out more… click here.

Personal Private Coaching:


Be John Carlton’s Best Friend For a Month

If you want John Carlton focused solely on you and your business…

… feeding you unparalleled insights and the kind of revelations that come from having been mentored by legends and business wizards…

… then get ready for a FEAST of advice, tactics and skills.

No course, or book, or seminar can replicate this kind of high-intensity learning. Nothing can re-adjust your head as quickly and efficiently as spending quality one-on-one time with people who understand the game.

We call it “Be John’s Best Friend” because we’re offering you the chance to instantly become a “front burner” priority with John. Just you, and him (and whatever other resources he may suggest, including focused input from other experts he knows).

Just as he’s done with past mentoring situations, John intends to internalize your complete situation… and go deep with you on every relevant detail of your business.

He’ll be in constant contact, available to you exactly as he would be available to a friend… and utterly open and honest, sharing everything he has in his bag of tricks.

If you know, deep down, that John Carlton’s the guy you need on your side, so you can move more quickly toward your goals… then this opportunity to have the most respected and sought-after marketing gurus alive as your “consulting partners” is something you should check out.

Check it out here.

The Marketing Rebel
Platinum Mastermind Group

Running your own business can be an isolated, lonely existence. This Platinum Mastermind group allows everyone a “safe” place to exchange ideas, float untested concepts, and stay in touch with what the best marketers are doing out there.

Each face-to-face meeting is a gripping, deep, and super-informative display of marketing savvy and killer salesmanship techniques.

I run these meetings personally with my good buddy, John Carlton.

We bring in guest experts from our vast network of colleagues and fellow master-marketers… to share with you specific resources and insights not normally available to outsiders.

We also host a “stay in touch” teleseminar between each meeting… to help you stay on track with new ideas, and get even more feedback from the group as results come in.

If, like all the top marketers who make full use of private mastermind groups, you believe you, too, can benefit from the synergy and shared experience of a tight-knit group of peers like this, you’ll want to find out more about the Platinum Mastermind Group.

Check it out here.

Website Development:


Marketing Rebel Website Development & Testing Services

Tired of working with website developers who know nothing about making money online or turning a website into a money-making machine?

If you’re ready to move into the big leagues and realize that super low-cost technical resources are NOT able to help you grow your business…

… you may be ready to work with the Marketing Rebel development team.

Our hand-picked team of technicians and stable of copywriters are available to help you design and install your new website, optimized to gather more leads and close more sales.

We can work with you to deliver:

  • Sales copy
  • Professional-quality videos
  • Follow-up emails
  • Design and program your website
  • Implementation, split-testing, and monitoring

Work with us for 1 week, 1 month, or on an ongoing basis. It’s up to you.

Click the link to discover how we can get your website online and making money faster than you ever thought possible.

www.MarketingRebelSupport.com and open up a ticket. Let us know exactly what you need, your approximate delivery dates, and your approximate budget.

Phew! That’s a whole bunch of great stuff. I hope one of these options is right for you and we were able to help you a little today.


Stan Dahl