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From many years of experience we’ve learned that if a prospect lands in our world without even a tiny drop of respect for marketing or salesmanship, they are not likely to buy our products & services.

Unlike some others in our general industry, we don’t sell “business opportunities” or “magic boxes”. We don’t claim we can help anyone grow their business or make more money by blindly following a mindless system or doing exactly what countless others are doing.

Marketing Rebel’s position is that you’re going to have to learn some new skills, get some new tools, and put in at least a little bit of effort if you want to make more money. Our job is to make learning those skills as easy and as fun as possible and to share decades worth of shortcuts & tips.

Before you sign up for our affiliate program, please take a moment to consider your list and followers.

  • Are the great majority of them blindly seeking a magic solution to life’s problems, or are they serious about starting or growing a business?
  • Are at least some of them even a tiny bit “hip” to the ways top marketers find prospects and close sales?

We are looking for affiliates who have a either:

1. a website visited by budding or successful entrepreneurs, small business owners, professional marketing consultants / copywriters, etc…

2. an email list or a customer database full of the same.


If this doesn’t match your current situation, then your business model and our current products will not make a good match at this time.

We are looking for affiliates who want to get to work, today, on selling our stuff and who have the resources in place to make us both some serious cash.

We want to support those affiliates in any way we can.

If you are still reading this, please take a few minutes to complete the application below:


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