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The Freelance Course

What if you could….

  • Finally get paid for your writing. You don't have to compete for jobs against hundreds of people and in the end, earn pennies for your hard work.
  • Know where to find high-paying clients. No more hustling ten hours a day and no more sending pitches that go straight to the trash and never see the light of day again.
  • Learn the exact blueprint on setting up your freelance business and knowing the exact tools and strategies you need to attract clients, land clients and retain clients.
  • Turn your passion for writing into a profitable and sustainable business. You'll have the confidence, skills, and support you need to earn serious income as a freelance writer.

“How To Kick-Start Your Awesome
New Career
As A Respected,
Sought-After, Outrageously-Paid
Freelance Copywriter.”

Whether you’re already taking on freelance jobs (and need some help finding clients and increasing your fees)… or just beginning to dream about the lifestyle freedom and Big Bucks of a sizzling freelance career… this is your NEXT STEP in the process.

From: John Carlton


Over the past 30 years, I’ve been one of the most visible, most respected, and most well-paid freelance copywriters in the game.

And, along the way, I’ve also helped a vast mob of folks finally start their own freelance careers. (You can find testimonials to how effectively I’ve kick-started these careers below. I’m talking about transforming the lives of writers who came to me struggling, yet left with specific advice and tactics that burst open the floodgates of cash, fun and global respect.)

But I cannot help just any writer who craves a successful freelance career. You gotta want it. And you gotta be willing to do the things necessary to make it happen.

That’s where I can help you. Almost immediately.

Listen: The business world is STARVED for writers who know how to sell… and always will be. Creating sales messages and ads and websites and video scripts that bring in results is the single most important element of a successful business…

… and yet, most biz owners haven’t got a clue how to pull it off.

That’s why a good freelance copywriter is so freaking valuable. In exchange for piles of cash, you will create the words that fuel all marketing, advertising, launches and profit-earning efforts.

Freelancers Are The Heroes of
 the Biz World

And we are paid handsomely for the job. However… you got to know what you’re doing. And how to do it.

It took me a long time to figure everything out – none of it was obvious, and the really effective ways to keep a career sizzling are pretty well-hidden.

Now, however, you can shortcut your own path to becoming a respected, well-paid freelancer… by letting me share these hard-won secrets of career success with you.

Here’s what I’ve got for you: After privately mentoring a small mob of freelance copywriters (helping them multiply their results, their client-base, and their wealth many times over)…

… I decided to reach more wanna-be freelancers by cramming everything I know about the gig into an info-packed course that lays out exactly what I taught my private students.

So now, you can devour an entire mentoring process in a weekend, and start using these transformative tactics, secrets and specific advice the following Monday.

It really can happen that quickly.

All of my teaching falls into just 3 simple categories:

  1. Get Good. (This package includes the “how to” bible of creating killer ads and marketing: “Kick-Ass Copywriting Secrets of a Marketing Rebel“… as well as detailed specifics on how to get as good at copywriting as possible, quickly and without fuss.)

  2. Get Connected. (I share every secret and strategy I’ve used over the decades to climb directly into the jet-stream of the business world – which is the key to creating a reputation that causes eager clients to seek you out. PLUS: There is a huge bonus section where a bunch of my most successful students and colleagues share exactly how they find new clients right now.)

  3. Get Paid. (There are many ways to get paid as a freelancer… and many other ways to get screwed. Once I lay out all the options – both the easy ways like getting one up-front check, and the more elite ways like getting monthly royalties – you’ll know EXACTLY how to price yourself in the real world, and how to maximize the moolah you bring in.)

This package is called “The Freelance Course“…

… and it really does contain every shred of advice I have for both rookies and veteran writers wanting to move to the next level.

However, this course is not essential for you just because I’m one of the most successful and respected freelancers who ever launched a career.

Nope. It kicks ass because I started from scratch, with zero help from anyone…

… and I made all the mistakes possible, learned my lessons, and figured out the RIGHT way to tackle every step of the process.

Especially finding clients and doing a great job and earning the staggering fees of a top writer. (My current fee is $30,000 up-front for writing an ad, plus a healthy percentage of the profits as a royalty. And I turn down almost every potential client who seeks me out, because I’ve got my lifestyle exactly where I want it.)

For 30 years, I took detailed notes of my journey from clueless rookie to celebrated “hall of fame” copywriter.

  • I’ve written for the biggest direct response outfits in the universe (like Rodale and Boardroom), after they sought me out solely from my reputation as a freelancer…
  • I’ve been the “go-to freelancer” for huge advertising agencies (who snuck me in the back door to do the jobs their staff writers couldn’t manage, because I figured out how to make any ad work, in any market)…
  • I’ve worked closely with legends like Gary Halbert, Jay Abraham and Dan Kennedy (I was Halbert’s confidant and partner for 20 years, had free run of Abraham’s office, and was the keynote speaker at Kennedy’s notorious Copywriting Bootcamp)…
  • and I’ve created my own hyper-successful marketing businesses (where we’ve completed multiple Web-rattling launches, and mentored thousands of entrepreneurs both off-line and online).
  • More: I’ve also been a featured speaker at major events hosted by marketing luminaries like Frank Kern (who credits me with waking up his Inner Copywriter), Rich Schefren (who admits his first breakthrough ad happened from specific advice I gave him), James Schramko (who is my #1 fan in Australia), Joe Polish (perhaps the savviest offline marketer alive) and too many others to list here.

Basically, I’m the successful veteran who learned every tactic in the book while figuring it all out in the real world, in real time, with real clients…
… testing everything constantly, tossing the crap and doubling-down on the stuff that worked. And now…

I'm now offering to share it all with you

  • Every secret of dealing with clients. (Especially the stubborn, aggressively-stupid Alpha-male types who insist on screwing up your great copy). With my help, you’ll have them purring like pussy cats, totally under your control.)
  • Every tactic for quickly discovering what needs to be done (even in a brand-new market for a brand-new client), and completing the job with total confidence.
  • Every street-level psychological advantage you need to convince skeptical prospects to buy. In every market you write for.
  • Every detail of negotiating stunningly-nice fees, and getting the client to happily pay up.
  • In short… everything you need to know to kick-start your own totally-awesome freelance career. Whether you’re a rookie, or a veteran wanting to move up a level.

And it’s all straight from the brain, the “Bag O’ Tricks”, and the hard-won experience of the dude with the world-wide, 30-years-deep reputation.

I know there are other options out there that claim to teach you how to become a freelance copywriter. If those other options sound good to you, go for it.

And good luck to you.

I’m not gonna blow smoke up your ass and tell you this is an easy career choice that just anyone can do.

You don’t have to be a “good writer”, but you do need to understand what is required of a professional freelance copywriter commanding huge fees.

Businesses depend on you to know what to do, and know how to do it. So their investment in you pays off.

The gig isn’t for everyone. You will mostly work alone, or maybe with one other colleague. If working FOR yourself, BY yourself is attractive…

… then this may be the right career choice.

Personally, I’ve been in a state of raw joy ever since I scored my first freelance job. I hated working in the 9-to-5 rat-race, for power-hungry bosses I had to deal with every day, wearing ties and commuting and following rules.

I mostly work alone now, but I’m not lonely. I have close colleagues all over the world, friends who would take a bullet for me, and a waiting list of folks wanting to chat about hot new projects. I’m constantly invited to speak in front of hundreds of people (for big bucks, too), and I haven’t had to buy my own beer at a seminar bar in decades (because fans elbow each other out of the way to buy one for me).

There is no "perfect" personality in freelance copywriting.

I’ve taught:

  • Criminally-shy introverts…
  • “Life of the party” extroverts…
  • Old-school veteran business owners...
  • And even still-living-at-home rookies...

Some are damn good writers. Others suck at writing, but allowed me to show them how to cobble together excellent ads in a systematic way.

It doesn’t matter where you are right now, in fact, regarding your experience, your skill set, or your history.

Heck, I got fired from nearly every “real” job I’d held, and was sleeping on a friend’s couch (and living out of my freakin’ car) when I started my career.

Age – doesn’t matter.

Location – doesn’t matter (not with so much freelance work available online).

I’ve successfully mentored copywriters in Europe, Asia, Australia, the Middle East and even Canada. And, of course, just about every state in America. It’s a world-wide market for freelancers, with potential clients all over the map.

What I’m offering you is the opportunity to learn the “inside” secrets, tricks, tactics and skills behind a very successful freelance career.

If you’re the right fit, it will be the greatest adventure of your life. Meet new people, create your own lifestyle, earn lots of money, get the behind-the-scenes scoop on different businesses in different markets…

… and just generally bite off a huge mouthful of Life and gobble it down with gusto.

I can’t even imagine a better gig. Writing is a great skill…

… but learning to write persuasive copy that gets people to DO something (like pay for a product or service) is the most powerful skill in the world.

And never forget that the process you use for creating killer ads is mostly a cloaked mystery to the clients who will hire you. They simply haven’t got a clue what to do.

That’s why they’re hiring you.

The ads and marketing you create is the FOUNDATION of getting results for their business. Without it, they’re toast.

That makes you very, very valuable. And worth a lot.

If you handle it right.

Here’s your shot.

Wanna check this package out
right now, without risk?

Wanna check this package out right now, without risk?

Tap the button below, and we’ll rush-ship to you a fresh, hot-off-the-press copy of The Freelance Course.

You'll have that in your hands in just a few days.

While you're waiting, I'm giving you instant online access to:

  • The audio version of the course. Stream it online from any device.

    Listen to me talking you through the course, if that’s your preferred way of learning. Great for making a long commute pay off.
  • “Kick-Ass Copywriting Secrets of a Marketing Rebel”. Both the written and audio versions.

    The best “get it right” course on how to create killer ads and great marketing available).
  • My two most sought-after bonus reports: (a) “Power Words” (a compendium of awesome words and phrases lifted from my best ads… guaranteed to shock, delight and influence readers)… and (b) “11 Marketing Quick Fixes” (essentially my own checklist for solving biz problems when I consult with clients).
  • Plus a scorchingly hot bonus called "Uncensored Real-World Advice From Top Freelancers"...

… where a group of once-struggling, and now-famous, freelance copywriters share what they learned from me…

… and also how they keep their careers sizzling by bringing in new clients, and earning massive fees.

This includes advice from some of the highest-paid copywriters in the world.

They've written for Fortune 500 companies.

And direct response giants like Boardroom.

They are authors of what have been the highest-producing ads on Clickbank.

Most have transitioned to creating their own online businesses (which you will want to consider once you've got the skills.)

The rock-start list of copywriters sharing what they learned from me, and how they used it to explode their earnings, includes:

  • David Deutsch
  • Chris Haddad
  • Lorrie Morgan
  • David Garfinkel
  • Harlan Kilstein
  • Million $ Mike Morgan
  • Colin Chung
  • and others.

This “uncensored real-world advice” bonus may be the most career-boosting freebie you ever read. These are copywriters who have earned huge reputations, and who are still deep in the game… both online and offline.

This kind of advice can ONLY be shared by actual successful copywriters.

The advice in The Freelance Course is timeless.

The skills you pick up from Kick-Ass Copywriting Secrets of a Marketing Rebel work in every business environment – online, offline, in every market, to every prospect worldwide.

The bonuses are stuffed with “insider” secrets that can only come from a veteran successful copywriter.

This is critical stuff.

And there’s even more: I'm including a report from my biz partner Stan Dahl that nails down the one thing too many freelancers get confused about – namely, that while your main job is to provide writing for your client…

… the way you actually provide maximum value is to operate as a hard-core consultant.

Stan’s previous career was as a high-end consultant for large corporations and government agencies. This report is critical for any freelancer wanting to increase your value to each client, as you deliver not just copy but also good advice (in the right way).

This unique package covers everything.

And… it’s just a ridiculous bargain.

I pulled The Freelance Course off the market for a long time. Years. I wanted to re-think how I allowed writers to get it. At one point, the package was selling for $5,000, and writers scooped it up.

And I’ll probably pull it off the market again at some point.

However, it’s available right now…

… and during this release, I’ve decided to make it as affordable as possible (considering how much value I’m cramming into the package).

So you’re not going to pay $5,000, or even anything close to that.

For this release, you can get the entire package… The Freelance Course, “Kick-Ass Copywriting Secrets of a Marketing Rebel“, the “Uncensored Real-World Advice From Top Freelancers” bonus, the “how to be a consultant” bonus, Power Words, 11 Quick Marketing Fixes, and all the audios…

… for just $199.

My colleagues think I’m a lunatic for letting it out the door for such a low price. Heck, the first time you find a client you wouldn’t have otherwise found, and score a higher fee than you dared charge before…

… you’ll earn your $199 back many, many times over.

It’s not even an “investment”. It’s more like temporarily parting with a few bucks, which will come roaring back to you bringing along a flood of other bucks.

That is… if you’re “right” for a freelance copywriting career.

Here’s an easy way to find out: I’ll let you look over the entire package… without risking one penny of your $199. With a...

3-Month Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

Here’s how it works: Order this package, and we’ll ship it to you as fast as possible. You have 3 full months to check it out and decide if (a) it’s the real thing after all… and (b) that what you learn really will help you be a successful freelance copywriter.

If you’re not convinced, for any reason (or for no reason at all), you can return the package (in any condition), and you’ll receive a prompt refund of your $199 purchase price.

No strings attached.

I’m not releasing this amazing package to get rich. There aren’t enough wannabe-freelancers out there to make The Freelance Course a best-seller on any list. I expect to move a fairly small number of these packages. And I expect to cover my costs, and make a small profit that, frankly, is well-earned.

My reputation is solid, and very important to me. I wouldn’t be making this package available if it wasn’t the real thing.

I’ve poured myself into this course. I share everything, and I hold nothing back. I love mentoring and teaching, and I really want to help other writers become successful.

I had zero help from anyone when I started out. I know how hard it is to learn the secrets of freelancing, and how long it can take with no shortcuts.

So, as one writer to another...
I'm making this opportunity available to you.

Again, you may be exactly right for a wildly-successful freelance career. Or, you may not be a good “fit” at all.

Here’s your chance to find out both what the best in the biz know…

… and whether this is a career you want to follow.

No risk. Take 3 months to decide. But at least give yourself the best possible “behind the scenes” examination, so you KNOW.

If you’re reading this, there’s a package available for you, right now. We’ll ship it ASAP, and you’ll have it in your hands quickly.

Welcome to the most exciting adventure in business.

Here’s how to order now:

Option 1:

You get everything described above, for just $199 plus shipping and handling. I’ve even got a payment plan that will let you spread that out over 3-months, if you like.

This is important: If you SWEAR to me that you already have the “Kick-Ass Copywriting Secrets of a Marketing Rebel” course, then I’ll let you order this current Freelance package without it. And you’ll pay a discounted price of just $149. (You can spread that out over 3-months, too.)

Warning: If you do NOT already have “Kick-Ass Copywriting Secrets”, please don't use this option.

Don’t even think about it – you’ll be cheating yourself out of an essential element in a successful freelance career (and you risk going down in flames).

If you’re not convinced, for any reason (or for no reason at all), you can return the package (in any condition), and you’ll receive a prompt refund of your $199 purchase price.

Option 2:

Your adventure as a hot freelance copywriter cannot get off the ground if you do not have the necessary skills to BE a copywriter good enough to earn jobs with clients.

You get there by learning WHAT to do, and then you hone your chops through experience… but learning HOW to do it, BY doing it. And your copy of “Kick-Ass Copywriting Secrets” is essential to this process.

Are we clear on this?

You must walk the walk, and talk the talk. What I offer you are shortcuts to moving through the stages — from raw rookie, through the advanced stages, all the way to expert level (where the money really gets good). But you must actually go through these stages. You cannot just anoint yourself as a freelancer, ready to tackle actual advertising and marketing jobs…

…because, unlike other professions, you actually have to PRODUCE good advertising to earn your fees.

There’s no way to fake it.

So… again… IF the lifestyle, and the potential of being a professional freelance copywriter appeals to you…

…then here is your chance to get the inside scoop on how your career can be put on the fast-track to success. And you can give it a good look-see without risking a penny of your purchase price.

Just click on the below to get going. 

Do it now.

Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee fully protects you. If what you are learning is not helping you to be a more successful freelance copywriter within our generous 90-day refund period, just let us know. We'll send you a prompt refund.

What People Are Saying About Our Solution

From Kevin Rogers (You can read the entire framed email he mentions in the bonus package, too.)

Kevin Rogers

”There’s an email John wrote me in March of 2009 that I printed, framed and have kept at eye level since. It’s the single most important thing anyone has ever shared with me and its message is the sole reason I am able to command high 5-figure fees for writing sales copy.”

From Chris Haddad (who went from obscurity to world-wide fame – including TV appearances – by working the system for all it was worth.):

Chris Haddad

"Hi, my name is Chris ‘Mr. Moneyfingers’ Haddad. As I write this I’m richer than I ever thought I’d be, happier than I have any right to be . . . and have somehow become one of those 'famous' copywriters who gets talked about on message boards. I've built a 7-figure information business of my own. Every letter and sales video I write gets mercilessly ripped off. And it’s all John Carlton’s fault."

From David Deutsch (“A List” copywriter who’s had as many as SIX concurrent controls for Boardroom):

David Deutsch

"The best thing I learned from John was, as a writer, to be less easily satisfied: To push myself-and my copy-further and never settle for just ‘good enough.’

I learned to go beyond copy that’s merely interesting and instead to create eye-opening copy that wakes readers up and snaps them out of the trance most people live in.

John taught me to go beyond copy that does an adequate job of connecting a product’s benefits with a prospect’s desires, but instead to dig more deeply to find the prospect’s deepest, even unspoken desires, and connect the product to their fulfillment. And I learned from John that doing this is hard work, and not to shrink from it."

From Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero (copywriting veteran with a massive client list of famous marketers):

Lorrie Morgan

“Seriously, I LOVE the copywriters Carlton attracts…even the gals like Rockstar and Princess. We are a tight-knit fraternity of brothers (and sisters), supporting each other and they are the most fun bunch ever. John treated me like a marketer first and a chick second. Learning from Carlton was the first place I could really let my hair down and my inner creative genius flow. I felt like one of the guys and it was cool.”

From Jim Curley (the notorious, elite writer who took over my writing gig with OHP Golf):

Jim Curley

“I’m a busy writer with a rock-solid reputation for getting the job done on-time with zero surprises. That didn’t come naturally. I got here with help. Much of it from the man himself — John Carlton.”

Testimonial Disclosure: Thanks, in part, to these folks first seeking my advice, and then actually putting it to work, it would be fair to consider them colleagues. All have been Simple Writing System coaches and were asked to contribute bonus material to this course. They were not paid a cent to contribute to this course or provide these testimonials. They helped me because my advice has helped them and they, like me, would like this information to help others who which to pursue this career.

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the Full Course!

If you’re not convinced, for any reason (or for no reason at all), you can return the package (in any condition), and you’ll receive a prompt refund of your $199 purchase price.

Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee fully protects you. If what you are learning is not helping you to be a more successful freelance copywriter within our generous 90-day refund period, just let us know. We'll send you a prompt refund.